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Log Skidder

Below is a list of machines that have been purchased for salvage and are in various stages of being dismantled.

Not all current machines have been listed, so call and ask a salesman about a specific model and your parts needs. If we don’t have it, we can find it for you!

We ship parts daily by UPS, USPS, FedEx, and most major truck lines.

Ardco DB2, K 4X4,
Athey S-70
Case 600, 825, M300
Caterpillar 508, 515, 515 4L series, 518, 518C, 518G, 525, 525B, 525C, 525D, 535B, 535C, 545
Clark 660, 664, 664B, 664C, 664D, 665, 665D, 666, 666B, 666C, 667, 667D, F665-GR, F666, F667, F67, H67, J240
Franklin 100, 130, 130-B, 132, 132AXL, 132PAB, 170, 170PTM-31A, 560, Q70, Q80, Q80 Series 2000
Jarraff 4WD Row
John Deere 440, 440A, 440B, 440C, 540, 540A, 540B, 540D, 540E, 540G, 540G II, 548, 548D, 548E, 548G, 548GII, 640, 640C, 640D, 640E, 648, 648D, 648E, 648G, 648G II, 648G III, 648H, 740, 740A, 748E, 748GII, 748GIII, 848G, 848H, 848L, 948L
I. H. S7, S7B, S7C, S8, S8A, S8B, S10
Kershaw Klearway 500, Klipper 55-2, Sky Trim 75X
MRS 100
Prentice 210 Knuckle Boom, 490, 2430, 2432
Tigercat 610, 620C, 620E, 630, 630B, 630C
Timberjack 205B, 205C, 207A, 208, 208D, 225, 225B, 225C, 225D, 225E, 225GS, 230, 230A, 230C, 230D, 230DS EE, 230E, 230GS, 230-GSE, 230GSG, 240, 240A, 240D, 240DPG-ABEAH, 240E, 240 Super E, 240G, 240GS, 240GSEA, 240GSEAN, 350, 360, 360D, 380, 380A, 380B, 380C, 450, 450B, 450C, 460, 460C, 460D, 460DG, 460S, 480C, 560, 660, 660C, 660D, 660DG, 748H
Treefarmer C4, C4D, C5, C5C, C5D, C6D, C7, C7D, C7E, C7F

Miscellaneous Skidders on hand: Pettibone Mountain Logger, Taylor S-81-U, Massey Ferguson 320

Large assortment of Relined Winch Bands on hand