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Feller Buncher

Below is a list of machines that have been purchased for salvage and are in various stages of being dismantled.

Not all current machines have been listed, so call and ask a salesman about a specific model and your parts needs. If we don’t have it, we can find it for you!

We ship parts daily by UPS, USPS, FedEx, and most major truck lines.

Barko 775, 775B, 775C, 785, 885, 885B
Bell Super T
Caterpillar 521B, 553, 553C, 563C, 573A, 573C, TK360, TK711 w/ HF201 cuttter head,
Case 1187B
Franklin 170, 5000, C5500
Hydro-Ax 121, 221, 311, 321, 411, 411B, 411B2, 411E, 411EX, 411EXP, 470, 511, 511B, 511E, 511EX, 570, 611, 611B, 611B2, 611E, 611EX, 620, 621, 621B, 660, 670, 711, 711E, 720, 721E, 730A
John Deere 493D, 544C, 643, 643D, 643G, 643H, 643J, 643K, 653E, 653G, 693, 743, 753G, 753J, 803M, 843, 843G, 843H, 843J, 843K, 843L, 853G
Kendall Cutter 690A
Pettibone PM800
Prentice 2470, 2570C, 2670
Tigercat 718, 718E, 720, 720B, 720C, 720D, 720E, 724C, 724D, 724E, 7240, 726
Timbco 415, 420, 425, 425C, 445, T445C
Timberjack 608, 608B, 735
Timber King TK350, TK360